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Selling out - 95% has to go

As I have found the pens I need, I can sell the rest. I have created therefore a website where I show the available pens. Sales pages 90-95% of the pens have to go. Don't pity me, I still have (more than) enough, as you can see here: my keepers . The 2nd-level-keepers on that page can also be sold if your offering price is good.
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Slimming down

Update: I started selling - see my sales pages : In order to sell most of my pens, I first had to made up my mind what I want to keep. May I present here my target collection, the ones to keep. It is a page in progress, there are still many holes in the data. In March, I will start selling the rest - announcement will first published on Instagram . There you can already see as overview what I plan to sell. Waldmann Pens Counting from the left, pen 1-4, 7-10 are the same model: the model Precieux (Deep Wide) Lines in Sterling silver. Pen 8-10 are the original model (fountain pen, mechanical pencil and ball-pen). Pen 1-4 are the yellow-gold vermeil version of it (mechanical pencil, rollerball, ball-pen and fountain pen) and pen 7 is the rose-gold vermeil version of the fountain pen. The rose-gold fountain pen has a rose-gold-plated 18k nib. Pen 6 is the same model in steel, coated in black (Waldmann P2000). But it is not a typical steel, it is  a recycled steel from gun barrels recy

Waldmann Precieux Pens - Getting custom non-catalogue models

 A pen dream came true - part 1, an introduction and the preparation. Picture 1 shows the catalogue models of the model "Precieux" made by Waldmann Pens. From top to down: 1) diamond cut wave pattern, 2) deep weave pattern, 3) pinstripe pattern, 4) wide lines pattern, 5) frosted stripes pattern ruthenium plated, and 6) frosted stripes pattern rose-gold plated   But there are also non-catalogue Precieux pens and here, my pen dream starts (in short: getting more of them). Picture 2 shows a limited edition model of the Precieux series made from stainless-steel , actually from the steel of retired gun barrels and a modified pen 4 (from the first page) in yellow-gold vermeil. The yellow-gold vermeil pen from picture 2 is the pen which I use the most of all my pens. I really like this pen. I am a sucker of gold and silver pens, especially if they have a line design. I also use the limited edition model a lot. It is the stainless steel version of pen 4. I

What I don't like - excessive display of brand names

It seems that S.T.Dupont doesn't know the meaning of "less is more" or "swank". In German, it is called "protzen". This would have been a nice pen without the excessive display of their brand name. More to come ...

A journey around the world in 9 pens

I wish I could do a real journey around the world - but, as long as COVID still lurks around - no chance. So, plan B: a journey around the world with my pens. This was a real challenge - holding my pen journey around the world in one hand - starting in Japan hopping from country to country from where I have pens until reaching the US. (right to left) Be careful when doing this, don't let them drop. 😨😢 Japan: Sailor Profit21 (1911L) Mitsukoshi LE China: Hero 100 in gold India: Submarine, model unknown, Vermeil Italy: Monte Grappa coral by Montegrappa France: Waterman Gentleman in Tortoise Swiss: Caran d'Ache, model Geneve, 90th anniversary commemoration pen 1994 Germany: Porsche Design Tec Flex 3110 (made by Faber Castell) UK: Yard O'Led Viceroy Grand Barley USA: Sheaffer Flattop Senior Jade

Scriptorium pens

Scriptorium Pens (owner and pen turner: Renee Meeks) If you want to get some nice pens in wood, ebonite or acrylics, have a look at Scriptorium Pens ' offers - either Scriptorium Pen own models or custom models (your ideas, discussed with and brought to life by Renee). from left to right 1. Idyll in Japanese autumn acrylics; Jowo #6 2. Custom pen design in "Tie Dye" acrylics; Bock #8, Titanium 3. Churchillized Epic in Illuminated Amber Tortoise (Acrylics); Jowo #8, Pendleton's Butterline Stub 4. Custom design in Snakewood wood; Jowo #6 EF-CI) (CI grind by @nibgrinder ) 5. Custom design in Amboyna wood, Jowo #6, semiflex 6. Base pen is ebonite, aftermod midori tamenuri; Bock #8 CSI (CSI grind by @nibgrinder ) - this black has a green aura, difficult to see - I will try to show it in a separate post - you can see the green at the threads. 7. Custom design in Camatillo wood, Bock #6 in Pt950, XXF grind by fpnibs - see 2 pictures below (these two pictures are copyright S

Waldmann pen varieties

Even my cat thinks that I have here a few extraordinary pens. If I have to choose which pens I keep - most of my Waldmann pens are certainly among them. Xetra Vienna Precieux Vermeil (order-made) Tuscany Barley (need to reconfirm the name, old model) Manager (piston filler) 100th anniversary commemoration pen (2018, piston filler)