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Beat your pistols into fountain pens

Have you ever thought what happens to old Police weapons when they are replaced by newer ones. Are they reworked, even sold to pistol sportsmen or to police forces of other countries? Not anymore! Due to the many problems with weapons being stolen or resold illegally, German police is not selling their retired weapons to anyone. Instead, they are sent back to the maker for recycling. In 2018, the Police of Lower Saxony in Germany had the idea to show their support for non-proliferation of firearms and a weaponless peaceful society. They thought, nothing can be better than following the reference of the bible which says: “... they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks....” [ Isaiah 2:4 ]. The idea was born to adjust this quote to modern times, producing a symbolic fountain pen from the metal parts of the retired weapons. When they contacted the German producer of silver fountain pens, Waldmann Pens in Pforzheim about this idea,
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Waiting for Scriptorium pens

I have metal pens     ⇒    many ☺ ebonite pens  ⇒    many ☺ acrylic pens    ⇒    many ☺  wooden pens  ⇒    not a single one 😣 I thought "How can I live with such a manko?" The solution was easy, I ordered some from Scriptorium Pens .  I was discussing another pen with Renee from Scriptorium Pens, when we happened to talk about wooden pens and she mentioned that she actually started from making wooden pens. She showed me some wood she has, some pens she made - and I knew I will let her make a pen for me. The problem was only, which wood and which shape should the pen be. Despite the many wood types, they were quite easy to choose, the shape was the problem. To talk in "Sailor pen language", the question was "should it be a 1911 shape or should it be a ProGear shape". My typical solution in such a case is, neither 1911 nor ProGear but both. The 1911 shaped pen is made from Amboyna Burl. In this case, it is the highest grade of Amboyna available w

ISOT "International Stationary and Office Products Tokyo" Trade Fair

Last week, I went to the 30th ISOT trade fair, where ISOT is the abbreviation of "International Stationary and Office Products Tokyo". This trade fair is held twice a year in January and June at one of the main exhibition grounds of Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Centre). As most of the readers will not have the opportunity to visit, I will show some pictures of the Tokyo Big Sight centre. It is located on a man-made little island in the Tokyo Bay; link to Google Maps As you can see, it is big. The exhibition takes place behind this tower and in a near second exhibition centre. While the pamphlet says, 340 companies would present their products, a short count of the number of booths reduces this number to 200. This was also my impression. Among these 200 were at least 100 from China, Taiwan and Korea. Only a few companies from other countries were present. If I compare with last year, I think much less Japanese companies were present. Are st

More inks from Germany

A short overview of the 20 inks made by Octopus Fluids from Germany. I did this overview just for me (didn't think that I would publish it), so I used one of the notebooks which I am regularly using, Kokuyo Campus. Pen was a glass dip pen, about F-sized. So, it is only temporary, I am going to redo it with much more information. I hope it is still a bit useful. The Octopus inks are sold at their online store or at Amazon . I have already added the new inks which will be available from middle of May 2019. Black Royal Blue Ultramarine Caribbean Lilac Purpur NEW: Orchid Red NEW: Brilliant red Burgundy Caramel Pinie Bronze NEW: Sepia-black Dark green Moss green Lime green Spring green NEW: Orange NEW: Mango